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Empowering people through world-class learning. Backed by leading academics from Harvard and MIT.

Former United States Federal Reserve Chair and current Treasurer Janet Yellen commented on SOFR Academy, “This is an important project and much needed.” It is a matter of how LIBOR will end rather than if it will end. Education is vital to ensure an orderly and broad-based transition.

This transition to new alternative rates will create benefits for market participants. At SOFR Academy, we view LIBOR transition as a strategic opportunity to strengthen client relationships, streamline processes and future proof an organizations products and services.

Industry leading online education

SOFR Academy develops leaders in LIBOR Transition and builds capabilities for impacted roles within an organization through a dynamic and self-paced online learning approach.

SOFR Capabilities
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Building LIBOR to SOFR Capabilities for…

Transformational Change. Transforming Leaders.

Why Education

Educating people within your organization on Risk-Free Rates is a regulatory expectation and makes good business sense.

Educating people within your organization on Risk-Free Rates is a regulatory expectation and makes good business sense.

Power your learning with SOFR Academy

World-class interactive training and development programs for a new financial ecosystem. Organizations should leverage LIBOR transition as an opportunity to drive firm-wide objectives. Our content is developed by LIBOR transition experts and is backed by leading Academics.

Protect revenue channels and boost competitiveness

Offer new Alternative Rate linked products to expand client service offering, satisfy client demand and protect wallet share. Protect existing product revenues when fallback language is triggered and LIBOR is no longer published.

Enhance customer relationships and retention

Organizations should use LIBOR transition as an opportunity to strengthen client and customer relationships. Organizations should empower client facing staff with information to educate their clients to support an orderly market wide transition.

Why SOFR Academy

SOFR Academy combines the latest innovations in education technology with our deep LIBOR transition industry expertise

  • Backed by industry experts

    SOFR Academy was founded by LIBOR transition specialists involved in National Risk-Free-Rate working groups. We possess both a theoretic and practical understanding of interest rate products across both cash and derivatives gained over decades of Financial Services experience.

  • LIBOR transition relationships

    Directors of SOFR Academy maintain relationships with the LIBOR transition community. This includes regular conversations with LIBOR transition program leads at Financial Institutions, Regulators, industry and trade associations and market intermediaries.

  • Academy Certification

    SOFR Academy reserves the right to award the SOFR Academy CertificationTM (SAC) upon successful completion of certain courses and requirements. Course content is updated in concert with industry developments. The SAC is the leading industry certification for USD LIBOR to SOFR transition.

We work with organizations to meet their unique needs.

  • Virtual-eLearning-modules

    Online Learning

    Unique, world class quality, self paced, online programs aimed at building leaders in LIBOR transition. Our flexible learning increases employee engagement and optimizes learning outcomes.

  • Functional-Academy-programs

    Executive Education

    Tailored Executive Education sessions to equip leaders within an organization with the information required around benchmark reform. These sessions are generally aimed at Senior Executives.

  • Custom-Solutions

    Education Advisory

    Access to LIBOR transition Subject Matter Experts (SME) enables customized programs and solutions designed to address an organization’s unique business challenges and education requirements.


Leading Technology

Seamless multi-device learning experience deployable across platforms. SOFR Academy is an Amazon Web Services Educate member institution providing access to a gateway of next generation technology and resources.


Dynamic Content

Targeted training modules, customizable content with flexible focus, self assessments, content updated dynamically in line with industry developments, access to insights and publications.


Academy Certification

Industry recognized SOFR Academy Certification (SAC) upon successful completion of certain required modules. Leading certification for USD Benchmark Reform in the United States.


Flexible Learning

SOFR Academy courses are self paced, dynamic, and available anywhere and anytime via our Learning Management Software delivery channels.


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Online Learning Courses.


Fundamentals of LIBOR
transition and the Secured Overnight Financing Rate

Module 1 | Course Details Take This Course

Conduct Risk Management: Treating Customers fairly through LIBOR transition

Module 2 | Course Details Pre-Register

Quantitative Introduction to SOFR – Cash Flows and Risk Management

Module 3 | Course Details Take This Course

Essentials of contract
language and Fallback

Module 4 Pre-Register

Preparing for a LIBOR transition Regulatory examination and review

Module 5 Pre-Register

System and infrastructure enhancements for LIBOR transition

Module 6 Pre-Register

Best practice for establishing an effective LIBOR transition program

Module 7 Pre-Register

International developments and considerations for Benchmark Reform

Module 8 Pre-Register

Demonstrate your LIBOR transition preparedness to regulators by training and certifying your people.

About SOFR Academy

SOFR Academy is the premier organization committed to advancing the professional knowledge, skills and experience of those dedicated to the successful transition from USD LIBOR based products to new alternative rates. SOFR Academy achieves its mission through educating professionals in private and government organizations about LIBOR transition practices and certifying the achievements of our members.

Our Mission & Values

SOFR Academy CertificationTM

As LIBOR transition impacts financial and non-financial institutions and societies as a whole, the challenge and the need to develop experts in risk free rates and alternative rate products intensifies. The SOFR Academy CertificationTM (SAC) credential identifies those who earn it as possessing specialized LIBOR transition knowledge. Financial professionals who earn the SAC designation position themselves to be leaders in the industry and valuable assets to their organizations.

Our Partners and Associations

Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower people, organizations and communities to succeed through world class learning – Anywhere, anytime.

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Our Values.

  • Insist on the high professional standards

    We place our clients interest ahead of our own and adhere to high ethical standards. We place a very high value on our integrity which builds trust with our clients. We are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.

  • Enable our clients to succeed in a world without LIBOR

    We believe in empowering clients by equipping them with LIBOR transition capabilities. We believe that we will be successful if our clients are successful. We create knowledge leaders in LIBOR transition for our clients.

  • Be at the frontier of USD LIBOR transition

    We have established a reputation as leaders at the forefront of LIBOR transition through industry engagement and National Risk-Free-Rate Working Group participation – we are committed to maintaining this reputation.

Additional ways we help our clients.

LIBOR transition Program Plan Quality Assurance and best practice assessment

Transition Plan Quality Assurance

LIBOR transition Program Plan Quality Assurance and best practice assessment
Production of customized client branded Thought Leadership publications

Thought Leadership

Production of customized client branded Thought Leadership publications
Identification and inventory of LIBOR based exposures and impacted systems

LIBOR Inventory

Identification and inventory of LIBOR based exposures and impacted systems
Production of client communications and external risk disclosures

Client Communications

Production of client communications and external risk disclosures
Ongoing access to SOFR Academy knowledge, experience and expertise

SME Retainer Support

Ongoing access to SOFR Academy knowledge, experience and expertise
Identification of key transitional risks and mitigating controls

Risk Identification

Identification of key transitional risks and mitigating controls
Production of Management Information (MI) and transitional metrics

Management Information

Production of Management Information (MI) and transitional metrics
Assessment of Contractual Management Impact and Remediation Design Plan

Contract Management

Assessment of Contractual Management Impact and Remediation Design Plan

Regulatory Developments.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

The SEC has issued a Risk Alert identifying registrant preparedness for the transition away from LIBOR as an examination program priority for FY 2020

Learn More

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The FDIC’s Supervisory Insights focuses on LIBOR transition and states that LIBOR is also important to smaller community banks and savings institutions.

Learn More

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

The CFTC has set up a subcommittee to focus on LIBOR transition and has delivered numerous speeches on LIBOR transition.

Learn More

Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve has communicated consistently that they “will expect to see an appropriate level of preparedness at banks” they supervise.

Learn More

U.S. Department of the Treasury

The US Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee discussed the importance of SOFR linked debt issuance and agreed to investigate this market further.

Learn More

Federal Housing Finance Agency

The FHFA has instructed the GSE banks that it supervises to accelerate their transitioning away from LIBOR towards alternative reference rates.

Learn More

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

The OCC has communications that preparation for the potential phase-out of the LIBOR will be part of its 2020 Bank Supervision Operating Plan.

Learn More

Financial Accounting Standards Board

The FASB has proposed guidance to avoid unintended income statement volatility during the transition away from LIBOR to new reference rates.

Learn More
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SOFR Academy empowers organizations who transact in products that currently reference LIBOR.

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