Across-the-Curve Credit Spread Indices (AXI)™

Invesco & SOFR Academy

The USD Across-the-Curve Credit Spread Indices (AXI) and the USD Financial Conditions Credit Spread Indices (FXI) were officially launched July 12th, 2022 and are published by recognized benchmark administrator Invesco Indexing LLC which is owned by American investment management firm Invesco Ltd (NYSE: IVZ). To submit questions or request licensing information please email [email protected].


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ISDA Benchmark Strategies Forum which took place in New York on June 7, 2022



SOFR Academy supports the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). In the longer run, we also support a menu that includes dynamic credit spread add-ons to SOFR, such as AXI. The index is simply a weighted average of the credit spreads of unsecured bank funding transactions with maturities out to five years, with weights that reflect both transactions volumes and issuance volumes.

AXI is calculated as one number that is then scaled down to standard tenors, e.g. overnight, 1-month, 3-months, 6-months etc. AXI can be used in conjunction with SOFR, for example, CME Term SOFR, simple daily SOFR, SOFR compounded in arrears, or other SOFR variants, to form a credit-sensitive interest rate for loans and eventually derivatives, and other products. The Financial Conditions Credit Spread Index (FXI)TM is an extension of AXI that incorporates data based on transactions of both financial and non-financial corporate debt instruments and is approximately 500% more robust. SOFR plus a robust across-the-curve credit spread is referred to as SOFRx in loan documentation. Any prospective user of AXI that would intend to also use CME Term SOFR in developing an interest rate for Cash Market Financial Products or OTC Derivative Products would require a license with CME Group for use of CME Term SOFR.

AXI & FXI were discussed at the Credit Sensitivity Workshops convened by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for LIBOR transition. AXI was conceived jointly by Professor Antje Berndt of Australian National University (ANU), Professor Darrell Duffie of Stanford University and Dr Yichao Zhu also of ANU. Professor Duffie Chaired the Market Participants Group in 2014 which was established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) whose Secretariat is located in Basel, Switzerland, and hosted by the Bank for International Settlements. The resulting FSB review was carried out by a high-level Official Sector Steering Group (OSSG) of regulators and central banks and drew from an assessment of the major interest rate benchmarks against the internationally agreed and endorsed IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks. SOFR Academy’s work is separate from but supportive of the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC).

For lenders, referencing AXI in a loan reduces conduct risks whilst manages potential funding mismatches. For borrowers, it enhances transparency and fairness. Whenever a loan is indexed to AXI it would also reference SOFR, so AXI’s launch promotes the adoption of SOFR. The latest AXI and FXI rates can be viewed here.

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