Fundamentals of LIBOR transition and the Secured Overnight Financing Rate

Created by SOFR Academy on August 10, 2020
Fundamentals of LIBOR transition to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate

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The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is the most important interest rate in the world and is currently linked to more than USD 350 trillion worth of financial products around the world. LIBOR is deeply embedded within the financial system across both Wall Street and Main Street.

‘Fundamentals of LIBOR transition and the Secured Overnight Financing Rate’ prepares market participants to manage this complex and important change by teaching them more about LIBOR and its chosen USD replacement rate, the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). The course highlights key risks for organizations during the transition.

In this eLearning course, participants will also gain an understanding of some of the implications of this change for organizations.


Build the skills and knowledge required to understand why global regulators are discontinuing LIBOR and gain a fundamental understanding of the implications for market participants of this change

Participants will be able to:

―Understand why global regulators have made the decision to discontinue LIBOR

―Identify the primary differences between USD LIBOR and the rate that the official sector has chosen as it’s replacement, SOFR

―Understand the timelines involved in the transition

―Understand the responsibilities of an organization for LIBOR preparedness

―Understand regulatory expectations for LIBOR transition preparedness

―Identify the functional areas of an organization that are impacted by this change

―Identify some of the major risks for an organizations as they transition away from LIBOR

―Learning is validated with a final assessment (80% pass rate required to earn course certificate)


This foundational course is suitable for anyone whose work includes interacting with products that are currently linked to LIBOR, both on a direct and indirect basis. Recommended for firm-wide use in accordance with regulatory expectations.

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